Make Money Blogging (Google Adsense) in 2023

Blogging is profitable. Most blogs make money from a mix of display ads (Google Adsense,, an affiliate marketing, brand advertising, product sales, services, memberships, and/or subscriptions. To succeed in blogging in 2023, do the following actions:

1. Make your methods simpler and less complicated

Success isn’t about working hard, but rather about working smart. Being clever in the blogging world is finding out what works and working hard to make it so.


I experimented on the account above belong to a client based in Dallas, which was receiving less than $200 monthly from Google Adsense. I activated my traffic sources and looked forward to great returns as usual. But the account didn’t pick up, and the cpc remained 0.06. I had to look at the domain, content and ad account setup. It was a whole lot of completed stuffs. I changed the theme and reconfigured the ad setup. And the account picked up.

2. Choose an untapped entity

New things are always being created, and those who are aware of this guideline are able to take a sizeable share of conversions in their industry. Life’s three fundamental foundations are “food, clothing, and shelter.” You may think of any additional micro niche that is semantically related to these three. Select one of these pillars, analyse its semantics, and then look for further interesting assessments on the top-ranked blogs.


The account above was struggling between news, tech, entertainment and education niches when I started working with the client. Sometimes the CPC comes up a little bit and goes down again. The monthly earning was less than $1k per month despite huge spending on traffic and targeted ads. The SEO was good and the content was also of good quality. Within the course of one month, I developed 20 articles focusing on education niche with relevant keywords that will help the blog rank easily on search engines. I also deleted some articles that I didn’t find useful on the blog. The following month the CPC hit $1 and raked up $3k, and now it has hit over $6k.

3. Study your entity’s network graph.

Every blog site on the internet belongs to a certain network graph, therefore if they produce material that is unrelated to or linked to the entity, it is outside of their specialty. They will be less likely to experience long-term algorithmic favoritism. Experience has shown that de-indexing of this kind of information is common. Learn more about your specialty and who your rivals are.

The account above is a result of many things that I’ve learned over the years. Blogging requires skills and patients. Now with such CPC I don’t even need to work so hard. A few clicks is enough for me each month. I don’t even have to spend money on the traffic sources that I use. To start with, I chose a niche with a high CPC and then studied best-performing sites on same niche before starting the blog. And three months later, here is the result.

4. Keep an eye on the best-performing sites and utilize them as your core content

Do your homework on any industry before joining it. There is a 30% probability that an approach will work for you if it works for site A. Set a 50–100 page content structure goal for your pillar pages and copy the best-performing subject areas of your rivals.

5. Acquire expertise about utilizing knowledge graphs to examine semantics

Every SEO expert should use this tactic. To get fresh ideas and alternatives for your pillar content, use chatGPT and Google knowledge panels.

6. Recognize the purpose of your keywords.

There are four main search purposes: transactional, informative, navigational, and commercial. Optimize your blog’s purpose using informative and navigational keywords connected to your target entity if you want to generate the most traffic possible. Additionally, if you want to increase sales, look at commercial and transactional keywords. These are often focused on affiliate, drop-servicing, and CPA marketing offerings.

Started working with this client whose blog was making around $20k monthly. I found his blog and reached out to him for partnership. His domain is good, his content is amazing. His account is an old account, about four years old cosistently earning $10k to $20k monthly. In our first month of partnership, the blog made $40k. Today, we’re on the journey to earn $1m per month. Everything is possible, amazing SEO and my time-tested traffic sources!

7. Expert content production

Although AI is 100% better than humans at writing, employing AI as a writing tool will increase your productivity. For your target keywords, AI already has all the essential NLPs built into its algorithm, and you may address readability concerns using your own expertise. Utilizing AI, write concisely while giving detailed information on your target keywords and their variants.

8. Use topical mapping

Internal linkage between pertinent themes and key pieces of information increases authority and trust. This is a crucial SEO blogging technique. For a more thorough reading experience, make sure you address different facets of your subject and link them together.

I have been working with this client for about four months now. It’s been an exciting money-making journey. Like the previous client, this particular client has a good account and domain. Together with his link-building and traffic banking skills, we’re sure to hit $1m in earning before this year ends.

9. Engage in constant outreach for link building opportunities

You must make contact with the blogs you wish to link to in order to negotiate a deal. especially those with the most effective material. Offer your anchor text for use in references in return for a strong proposal. If you want to succeed as a blogger, don’t overlook link building to your core material.


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10. Participate in traffic banking

According to a proverbial blogger, “The money is in the list.” Start acquiring email subscribers by utilising applications like Mautic or Sendy with Amazon AWS acting as the SMTP server, then interact with them by sending push notifications to them using WonderPush or Notixs. This is essential for any blogging business since it enables you to manage and categorise your audience according to their interests, which will make your blogging endeavours a more fruitful and lucrative endeavour.
Repetition is key, so if something is working, keep doing it until it stops. Continue developing your blog with this reusable approach.

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