How Much Do Bloggers Make?

Starting a blog at first or considering starting blogging, you may not even be certain that blogging can be a source of income. The good news is that you may create a blog and anticipate making money from it… not just a small amount of money, but (with time and work) a sizable income.

How much money do bloggers earn then? A lot! Many bloggers earn six or even seven figures a year (including me), often without hiring any staff.

I’ll walk you through all you need to know about the financial aspect of blogging, including your prospective earning potential, the typical blogger income by topic, your first year’s pay as a blogger, and advice for generating (more) money from your blog.

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some bloggers earn no money. Some people earn $500,000 or more annually. Some people even begin with a blog and wind up creating a vast economic empire. (Later, we’ll look at several instances of very successful bloggers in different sectors.)

What kind of income might you expect from your blog? That will change depending on your talents and the specialization you’ve selected. But if your blog is well-established, it is very feasible to expect to earn a substantial, full-time income from it: perhaps $100,000 or more annually.

There isn’t a limit to blogging. You may either continue to expand your blog or create new blogs. That also doesn’t entail putting in 80-hour work weeks. Work simply 10 to 20 hours a week by hiring a virtual assistant or perhaps a group of independent writers.

How much money do new bloggers earn then? The majority of seasoned bloggers agree that you won’t likely generate much money during your first year of blogging.

You could earn nothing at all in the first months. But after your first year of blogging, you’ll rapidly see that your revenue increases year after year.

How much money can blogging generate in the long run? If you publish in a well-liked and lucrative topic you may  look at:

  • $30,000 – $50,000 in your first year of blogging. That’s around the average income in the USA. Note that most of your income will likely come in the second half of the year, once your blog is well underway and you’ve grown your email list.
  • $100,000 in your second year of blogging. You’ll likely be blogging full-time (though not necessarily working as much as 40 hours per week). You’ll need plenty of traffic to your blog during this year.
  • $200,000 in your third year of blogging. At this stage, you’ll have experimented extensively with different monetization methods and figured out what works best for you, your topic, and your audience.
  • $400,000 or more in your fourth year of blogging. By doubling down on what’s working, hiring more help, and increasingly growing your audience, you should be able to make more and more money from your blog.

Now, depending on your circumstances, it may not happen for you as rapidly as that. See my selections for the top blog examples for additional ideas specific to your site’s topic.

You may not be able to dedicate much time to your blog if you have a lot of personal obligations. But as the months and years pass, you should see a gradual rise in your income.

The Average Blogger Income (Based on Niche)

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You may be interested in learning how much the typical blogger makes. Defining the “average” blogger when it comes to blogging is challenging. Some bloggers are content to consider their blogs as a hobby and only earn a little amount of money from them, maybe just enough to pay their web hosting fees.

Some bloggers may start their blogs while paying no rent and living with their parents, and they may grow them quite quickly.

You can expect the average blogger to earn around $45,000. (ZipRecruiter suggests that the average annual blogger’s salary is $38,440. Glassdoor reports that the average blogger’s salary is $51,906.)

So how much do bloggers make, on average, when it comes to different types of blogs? Here’s what you can expect in terms of the average blogger income in some popular niches.

Average Blogger Salary by Niche (2023)—How Much Bloggers Make:

  • Travel Blogger: Average annual salary of $63,173.
  • Lifestyle Blogger: Average annual salary of $52,382.
  • Beauty Blogger: Average annual salary of $43,800.
  • Food Blogger: Average annual salary of $41,058.
  • Fashion Blogger: Average annual salary of $37,534.

Now, just to be clear, there’s no guarantee you’ll make this salary in these niches. And there’s no need to pick the highest salary here if that niche doesn’t interest you.

Instead, finding a niche that you’d love to write about for months and years is much more important — even in the early months when you have little or no money to show for your efforts.

The Quick and Safe Way to Make Money

The quickest way to make money blogging is by utilizing traffic from tier-one countries. Over the years, I’ve mastered the safest and best practices of optimizing Adsense earnings by utilizing profitable traffic with high CPC through harvesting, banking, and SEO.

Below is a quick Adsense optimization and arbitrage traffic performance goal and conversion hack that I have studied and implemented over the years.

  • Number One
Specific Tier 3 Country Targeting + 30% Link Clicks PG + 70% Landing Page Views PG + Captivating Image Creative + High Traffic Value Niche = Adsense High Page Views, Increasing Low RPM, Break-even to 1x Conversion.
  • Number Two
Specific Tier 3 Country Targeting + 100% Landing Page Views PG + Captivating Image Creative + High Traffic Value Niche = Adsense Average Page Views, Increasing RPM, 1x to 2x conversion.
  • Number Three
Specific Tier 3 Country Targeting + 100% Landing Page Views PG + Captivating Video Creative + High Traffic Value Niche = Adsense High Page Views, Low RPM, and Poor to break-even conversion.
  • Number Four
Specific Tier 3 Country Targeting + 100% Link Clicks PG + Captivating Video Creative + High Traffic Value Niche = Adsense Massive Page Views, Low RPM, Low CTR, Break-even to 2x Conversion (Adsense invalid traffic penalty applied).
  • Number Five
Specific Tier 3 Country Targeting + 50% Landing Page Views PG with Video Creative + 50% Messenger Lead PG with Image Creative = Adsense Average Page Views, Increasing RPM, Average CTR, 2x to 10x Conversion Based on Cost Per Result Data.
  • Number Six
Specific Tier 3 Country Targeting + 100% Messenger Lead PG with Image Creative + High Traffic Valued Niche = Low Adsense Page Views, High RPM, High CPC, up to 40% RPM, 4x to 15x Conversion (Adsense invalid activity penalty assured).

What I Do Differently


Many bloggers practice earning through arbitrage, which is not a bad idea. Adsense arbitrage can bring you incredible earnings, but there is a risk of losing your account for any unexpected reason, especially when scaling above 1k/day. I’ve studied that most people who lost their Adsense accounts to arbitrage were engaging in unsafe practices that expose their accounts to great risks. If you have better organic traffic on your site, I recommend implementing options 2 and 5 on your blog. You will eventually get an ad limit or a ban, so don’t invest more than you can lose.

As a Pro Blogger, I’ve worked with many clients around the world to optimize their blogs and advance their earnings using the safest combination methods there is. That is what I do differently. Most bloggers don’t know the practice. It’s my safest “Combination” or “Combo Method” for increasing Adsense earnings. I’ve scaled many accounts from zero to $10k/mon within a space of four months. I have scaled accounts from $5k to $100k/mon within a year. I’ve never lost an account! It works. Join us now.



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